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September 12, 2012


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RECOIL Magazine Backlash

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 12, 2012, 1:27 AM
I Have Neither The Time Nor The Inclination
To Explain Myself To A Man Who Rises And Sleeps
Under The Blanket Of The Very Freedom That I Provide
And Then Questions The Manner In Which I Provide It
---U.S. Marine Corps---

Vote Libertarian by jball430
USMC Supporter Stamp by KahunaSniper Stamp - US Flag by MauserGirl Don't Tread On Me Stamp by KahunaSniper
I support Liberty by Ramen27 Old School Patriot Stamp by dA--bogeyman Stamp - Second Amendment by MauserGirl
"Invisible Souls ... Leave .308 Holes." - USMC

Alright, my unstable and insatiable journal minions,

1. List of RECOIL Magazine partners who dumped them updated.
2. Added U.S. PALM photo at bottom.

RECOIL Magazine started out as a great new magazine, as seen by companies like Bravo Company Manufacturing and Magpul — and civvies such as myself, but thanks to one writers comments about how he thinks the 2nd Amendment works, they're loosing a colossal amount of support. The magazine got itself off the gate between four to six months back and it looked fucking amazing. I was amazed by the gun (and vehicle) porn I found in the first issue and was immediately hooked by it. But, alas, the bullshit came all too soon.

As I spoke to Jordan on the topic, it is quite unfortunate that I'll have to wait for someone else to come in with something as good looking as RECOIL's layouts were. RECOIL is like Penthouse. Amazing photography of a variety of porn and great articles on most occasions. Guns & Ammo and Special Weapons are ALRIGHT, but they're no Penthouse. That's where RECOIL took the cake. It's a damn shame to see RECOIL fall to such a petty issue as they did, but it is what it is, thanks to EIC Jerry Tsai.

It should be noted that this is somewhat of an expansion of the piece posted on my Tumblr earlier. So, updates and additions have been noted and made.

It is all revolving around an article in the fourth issue of RECOIL Magazine, which came out over this last weekend. Editor Jerry Tsai, who I now understand is running the magazine (I didn't know that until recently), said this about the new Heckler & Koch MP-7A1 submachine-gun.
"Like we mentioned before, the MP-7A1 is unavailable to civilians and for good reason. We all know that's technology no civies should ever get to lay their hands on. This is a purpose-built weapon with no sporting applications to speak of. It is made to put down scumbags, and that's it. Mike Cabrera of Heckler & Koch Law Enforcement Sales and veteran law enforcement officer with SWAT unit experience points out that this is a gun that you do not want in the wrong, slimy hands. It comes with semi-automatic and full-auto firing modes only. Its overall size places it between a handgun and submachine gun. Its assault rifle capabilities and small size make this a serious weapon that should not be taken lightly."

To quote a Facebook comment; "JT just had an ND" and then another stated that "You just sunk your mag … For good!"

RECOIL Magazine's website had put out a statement from Mr. Tsai trying to cover his ass on the topic, and in the end it only made it worse. The comments, including one from myself, were all of hostile 2nd Amendment supporters and unsubscribers of the magazine itself. My reply was as follows;
"Jerry Tsai,

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." – Second Amendment, United States Constitution

The Second Amendment has nothing to do with sporting applications, partner. The Second Amendment doesn't protect our right to hunt, and it's not about concealed carry. It's also really not even about home defense. It IS about protecting our ability, our right, and our duty to oppose tyranny. In all forms. Home defense, self-defense in public (CHL holders) and so forth. AND, even IF it was about hunting, then I would counter-argue with the question of why FN allows PS90s (in both standard rifle and Class-III SBRs) to be sold to civvies, Mr. Tsai.

I urge RECOIL to urge their writers to re-read the Constitution before allowing them to write such "infinite retardation", as a LOT of RECOIL readers have been — and will be putting it — since the release of the latest edition magazine."

HK MP-7A1 Personal Defense Weapon With A Sound Suppressor, Extended 40-Round Magazine And ELCAN Specter DR 1.4x Sight

As it currently stands, this is the list of companies that have withdrawn support for RECOIL Magazine. I also want to mention that Costa Ludus should arrive on this list in fairly short order due to how much RECOIL promoted Chris Costa and his company*** in the same magazine as their Editor fucks it all up — in one article, mind you.

***Shortly after I posted this, sure enough, Costa came out with a response to the topic / reply to what had been stated by Tsai in the RECOIL publication and Tsai's "replies" attempts to put out the fire. It was as follows;

"Costa Ludus is aware of the unfortunate MP7 article in Recoil Magazine and we are truly disappointed and disheartened by the editorial staff's comments. Costa Ludus is a huge supporter of the Second Amendment. Our company trains Civilian, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel under the blanket of that security. It is imperative that we as a country have the inherent right of these freedoms for our own protections. The Second Amendment is the very foundation that makes this possible. Recoil screwed up big, however what I look for is how they move the gun industry forward by learning from their mistake, I look forward to their resolve. The public has spoken to Recoil "The truth hurts, but what you do with it is more important". This is an unfortunate situation and one that Costa Ludus believes will strengthen our beliefs and our rights, as civilians, to bear arms under the 2nd amendment.

Respectfully, Costa"

That comment was made on Costa's Facebook on 11 Sept. at 1630 Hours Zulu; however, it does not iterate if they will keep supporting RECOIL or not. The speech given is clue to me that that would be a no. Let it also be known that I will not dump Costa if he doesn't dump RECOIL. I have a lot of respect for Chris Costa, where I don't for Jerry Tsai, because of the obvious lack of military and law enforcement background with the latter. I like his level-headedness in the situation, even if I do fully support Travis Haley's dumping of RECOIL.

Other reading includes 1,350 hate (majority) comments for RECOIL's FaceBook. One of the comments gave a more expanded light on who was telling RECOIL to kiss both sides and go get fucked. The list includes, but is not limited to;
Panteao Productions
ITS Tactical
Haley Strategic
Truly Tactical
Magpul Industries
Bravo Company USA
DSG Arms
TNVC, Inc.
Vortex Optics
Advanced Armament Corp
ITW Military Products
Mission First Tactical
Ares Armor
Barrett Firearms
Daniel Defense
Tactical Tailor
Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc.
Juggernaut Tactical
ITW Tactical
EM Gear
Jager Products
OC Armory
Crossbreed Holsters
U.S. Tactical Supply
Sheepdogs Inc.
Spartan Blades USA
LaRue Tactical
Rock River Armory

I ask you all to please send your business to these businesses who support the Second Amendment in it's TRUE form; that of being a defensive ability against Enemies, both Foreign and Domestic.

GearScout wrote up a full report on the whole thing and outlined a number of said companies outcries against Tsai's comments — which, word for word, matched something that would've come out of a Brady Campaigner's mouth. There is not much support at all in the way of RECOIL Magazine now. Anyway, the juicy bits from GS.
"Customers have used various manufacturer's Facebook pages as outlets for derision focused on the magazine and it's editor, asking for companies to pull advertising.

"Our email boxes and Facebook have been jammed with outrage," says Paul Buffoni, who runs Bravo Company Manufacturing. Buffoni has placed advertising in Recoil's first four issues but says further support for the firearms lifestyle publication is unlikely. He tells us BCM is drafting a statement to his customers to explain their stance.

Gary Hughes from Silencero says, "We were furious when we read Jerry's statements." The silencer company have decided to discontinue their advertising with them.

Other companies have pledged to walk away from advertising and distribution agreements and to withhold editorial cooperation until Recoil and parent company Source Interlink Media addresses their concerns.

The list of prior supporters that have turned their back on the publication includes also includes Magpul (whose statement is quoted in full below), Haley Strategic Partners, Imminent Threat Solutions, Panteao Productions. UPDATE: A spokesperson from Surefire tells me they will not be advertising in Recoil. They had ads in prior editions, but none in the current publication and have no plans for future insertions.

Bryan Black, with ITS, says between advertising and distribution commitments, his position is costing his company thousands of dollars.

Individuals have turned to hash-taggery and Facebook pages such as "DumpRecoilMagazine" to express their feelings on the subject."
To finish off their write-up on the subject, GS included a emailed (I'm assuming) statement from Magpul Industries on the topic at hand.
"Recently, the editor of RECOIL magazine wrote comments regarding who should and should not have access to certain firearms, as well as comments meant to clarify his initial statements. We at Magpul were severely disappointed in the apparent position of the author and by the comments themselves. We have been asked to provide a response to these comments and a statement regarding our intent to continue or discontinue advertising in RECOIL.

At Magpul we consider ourselves proponents of a culture of personal responsibility, where individual liberties are the true roots of our passion. Firearms are tools that can be an expression of those liberties, and more importantly, the guardians of them. When we were presented with the opportunity to support a new publication, called "RECOIL", that had a different look and feel, we were on board. We had hopes that the broad appeal and fresh look of a publication of this type could be a big help in getting more people involved and interested in firearms and firearm freedoms issues. We welcome all who enjoy or appreciate firearms for any lawful purpose, as greater numbers strengthen our cause. We also want to partner with those who share our appreciation of the true struggle we are in regarding our Second Amendment freedoms.

Due to concerns about content and true motivation, we allowed our support for RECOIL to expire, with the current issue being our last, until we could determine if we were truly speaking the same language. The recent comments and subsequent clarification made by the editor of RECOIL are completely counter to our position here at Magpul. These statements proved that there is an apparent gap between our values and those of RECOIL. As such, we have chosen not to continue or renew any advertising support for RECOIL magazine unless and until we are convinced at some future point that this publication truly shares our values and has the best interests of Magpul and our customers in mind.

We sincerely hope that the outpouring of Second Amendment support as a result of these comments can continue with as much strength towards educating existing and potential new shooters about the importance of firearms rights and in contacting elected officials to preserve those rights. We look forward to future efforts to reach a broader audience through individual effort, and perhaps through an appropriately focused publication, to continue growth in the number of Americans who enjoy celebrating our Second Amendment heritage.
All in all. I don't think I will be picking up RECOIL Magazines anymore either. I will flip through them at Books-A-Million to see what's new and cool, what I might like and so forth and write it all down on paper to Google-Fu on later. I won't give them my money and I won't advertise for them anymore.

Courtesy Of U.S. PALM

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Only H&K XD fuck small calibers I like 45. ACP
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I love small calibers. Better for IBA penetration.
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Retractions? They never even issued an apology. The best that came of it was the resignation of the EIC.
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I saw that article and it infuriated me. I stopped subscribing to it.
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