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...our destiny lies above us.

Sun Apr 6, 2014, 8:54 PM

In our history, the history of the human race... we've filled that time with such amazing things. But, it's how we got to this point that makes it so worthwhile. Setting aside what you believe in, for a moment, how did we get to where we are? How did we do things like go from Europe to the Americas? What did it take for the wonders of the Galápagos Islands to be found and told of? Exploration, my friends. Travel, journeys, explorers, engineers, risk-taking and definitely not without loss of life.

    "The count of Frontiers' amasses, but Space is never-ending."
-- TheArmedNovelist

I'm not a foolish man, in the slightest. So, when you see or hear me ask the question, I already know the answer; "why has humanity stagnated so, since Neil Armstrong utter the words 'This is one small step for man'?" I know the answer. Oh, how I know the answer. I understand the loss of interest for exploration due to the bureaucratic and religious dogma. What I don't understand about the bureaucratic side, however, is the greed. I'm fully aware of government power and greed. What I'm not understanding is how the degrees of greed are drawn.

When we sit down and discuss space exploration, the first thing that pops into peoples' heads is Science-Fiction. Maybe a movie like Avatar or a book like The Forever War, for instance. It's something cool that can be viewed only every so often and is usually forgotten after the novelty wears off later within the week. However, it's not really taken all that seriously. The reason being because this generation doesn't understand what the people of 1960s understood when they listened to President Kennedy's ultimate national goal and then watched as Neil Armstrong fulfilled all of their hopes and dreams when he stepped out onto the moon 8-years later.

But, now, as we sit here in the midst of 2014 A.D., it's not as simple as what those Americans witnessed. As the years have gone passed, we've come to understand (thanks to NASA, in particular, funnily enough) that we're on our way to destroying our world thanks to our greed and exploitation. But, that's exactly what I don't get.

Outer space should be thought of like that of the expansion of the Wild West, but more specifically, like that of the California Gold Rush. Only, here's the catch. A never-ending California Gold Rush. Now, you know me. I hate exploitation and greed. But... even I see that use of the stick doesn't get you everywhere, and sometimes you need to use the carrot. I love technology and alternative fuel sources, but that requires money and power, and that is where governments come into play. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that you need someone who is an investor or a government. Why? Because they are rich and/or have the weight of power.

What do I mean by carrot? Well, you had to offer something to the people your trying to get to invest in your company. If you have nothing that entices them, then they'll go away and invest in something else that does tickle their fancy. Ideas and words like "adventure" and "discovery" doesn't mean anything to an investor or government if there's no proof or science behind it, that they can understand easily... It's all about money. It's about their expenditures and your returns. It has to be marketable, not just in manufacturing and engineering, but also to the civilian market at no less than three-times the originally desired MSRP. It also has to have military applications for future expansion by force, if need be, at a discount to the Armed Forces, private governments organizations, corporations and privateers willing to buy and apply them in use.

Government: Replacement & Jealousy

So, what are some of the reasons for the U.S. Government not backing and pushing NASA? Because, at this rate, NASA's not projected to put man on Mars until sometime in the 2030s. I'm willing to venture a guess that the Federal government isn't going to be so happy to see commercial ventures like Mars One make it there first. By 2030 exactly, Mars One is predicted to have twelve permanently stationed personnel on Mars. President Obama, also stated a prediction, that merely putting NASA astronauts into Mars orbit wouldn't take place until the 2030s. This could also very well be a problem when the Inspiration Mars Foundation's very own, Dennis Tito, has a set date of 5 Jan. 2018 for a two-man (married couple: man and woman) fly-by of the Red Planet. An alternative 2021 plan would put them around an orbit of Venus before heading towards Mars.

There is going to be some executive worry and jealousy. There is absolutely no stopping commercialized missions, at this point, and the best the U.S. Government had with NASA is the unmanned Red Dragon lander set for 2018. However, that was cancelled due to budget reasons and the next missions won't be selected until 2015 with one of the choices being a Discovery-mission to the nickel-asteroid Psyche. But, alternatively, NASA is aligning with Planetary Resources to create an asteroid-wrangling device, designated the CATALYST ( the solicitation) and while it is not much, it is something. The Space Review outlined what NASA was missing as of this moment... A Decadal Survey for such a decision on a more specific direction for the government agency.

I predict a securing of the NASA program after the Obama Administration is concluded, wherein the Republican Party picks up the pieces and sets it motion for the next 8-years after 2016. As noted by Commanders Armstrong, Lovell, Cernan and The Mars Society's Robert Zubrin, the reason why the pieces will have to be picked up and put back together is because of Obama's fragging of the Ares-V rockets and the Constellation Program. The main reason why, according to the Augustine Commission, was that the Ares Program wouldn't be ready "until the mid-2020s, even with a $3-billion increase of funding" -- partly due to the former ISS's retirement timetable of 2015. Which, "coincidentally", was extended to 2024 later on anyway... Now, I can understand the reason of bringing a timeline forward towards a pre-2020 Block-I launch of the Space Launch System (SLS), but was the timeline really worth the potential launch expenditures that might cut into other NASA projects? Especially when SpaceX has offered both the Falcon-9 Heavy and the conceptual Falcon-XX launch system as far better and more competitive prices, as many of the components are made in-house. They will be very hard to beat down. It should also be mentioned that SpaceX is set for a mid-March launch of its third Falcon 9 logistics launch for NASA in place of their " Rocket to Nowhere".

The jealousy sits in political division. For instance, you could very well call the cancellation of the Constellation Program a political ploy by the Obama Administration. If nothing happens, then they delay NASA (and the rest of us) 8-years of time at no cost to them, save for criticism that they can brush off. If anything does happen during those 8-years, then the current Administration gets to take the credit. Same goes the other way for the Republican side, however the Reps. are far less stagnated and liberal in the R&D Departments. You'll see a lot of dirty plays in this "game of tennis", so to speak. Neither side, however, is really playing for the team. Explicitly speaking, this is one of these exact reasons why we should liberate NASA from government holdings and sanctions or leave them behind. However, the former will probably never happen.

  "To Mars with SpaceX" by DecoEchoes.

Government: Colonization Fears

There's a reason why governments wage war over land mass and civilian populations. See, the way governments see it, there can't ever be stretches of land where there's an ungoverned populace. It's "too dangerous for the people" and "there needs to be law and order through a governing body". The governments of the world just take a look at Somalia and think that the Earth would just disintegrate into that, if they disappeared.

Governments, around the world, have a daily fear of that happening. Russia and China, for instance, have a history of break-away countries, semi-autonomous and autonomous regions and religious divides that have led to separations. You can look at historical examples such as Georgia, Ossetia and Tibet. When we talk about the United States, you're talking about a country who prides itself as the Watchman of the world. "Wherever there is tyranny, the United States will be there to snuff it out". You know, mottos and pride like that...

Well, how embarrassing would it be, for whatever Administration heading the United States at that time, for an American group or a NASA-launched group, in general, of colonists to hold up the International Symbol of "You're Number One" ( reference) and declares that their party is separating from the 'Union'... on a whole other planet. See, you have to understand that a separating state, akin to the Georgia-Russia event, for the United States does have some geological and logistical difficulties. Alaska and Hawaii aren't directly connected, by land, to the Lower 48 in a border to border sense. You have to go over an ocean or through another country. Hawaii would take on a whole military sector by itself. Alaska has oil and natural gas. Texas -- only brought up because of the political history -- has a large portion of Federal military and two separate layers of state military and mobilized police, a nuclear arsenal and their own power grid to the state.

What's the point? The analyzation of what it would takes to walk away from the "parents who housed you", so to speak. I'll use the Mars One Program as an example. Mars One is mobilizing personnel to put a permanent habitat and crew on Mars by 2022, when the first four, of a finalized forty, will lift off to the newly laid foundations of the rest of their lives, one they have been training for since last year. Spanning the next 10-years thereafter (to 2033), a total of 20-'nauts will be deployed. The first group will launch in 2022 and arrive in 2023, the second on the same 2024-2025 timetable, putting a launch at one-per every second-year after the last. Four-personnel per launch. It will take 20-years to get the forty candidates up to the Mars One Base Camp, unless a new launch system comes into play (which I do foresee, but I'll get to that later).

After so-and-so amount of years, you've got a human colony up on Mars. Sitting at between 20- and 40-personnel, time has gone past, there's a lot of gear up there for them. What would it take to make it self-sustained? Solar power, greenhouses -- which has been talked about, water extraction through the life-support units and Martian soil -- for use either as H2O or split into Hydrogen and Oxygen for O2 Replenishment, etc. You can see some of the coverage here, which covers the three main human living requirements. Add in whatever else you see fit -- if it is feasible and you feel like a stickler.

So, what happens if the "Number One Trophy" is awarded? What could anybody do about it? Well, right now, it's a whole lot of nothing. You have to remember, the Mars One Program is picking candidates that are without families and/or significant others. What ties would hold them back to Earth? What would Earth be able to counter with? What threats? Pretty much nothing. As long as the colony is self-sustained, they have nobody to go back to (obviously). And there isn't a state-run military out there that has the capability of force, if the case ever arose. There is no "Colonial" Marine Corps or Navy SEALS (Sea, Air, Land & Space) Alpha Team to take down a "rogue" off-world element, yet. There are no troop transports, no orbital bombardment ships, no orbital drop ships -- some of you might call them "Express Elevators To Hell" -- none of that gear.

Now, is this something that is going to happen? I wouldn't think so, right now, no. Not even thirty-years from now, when all of the initial Mars One personnel are at M1BC. With that said, I don't think that the U.S. Government, United Nations or anybody else has anything to worry about. However, I would think that there has been, or soon will be, a contingency plan drawn up for this issue.

Some people have written this planet off as a "back-water ball of mud" in literature. But, this is where we start. This is where our empire, a human empire, gets off the the starting line. We have to take every preparation towards making sure we do succeed in this dream. Otherwise we will sit here, forever, until something comes of Earth that wipes the slate clean, permanently. This generation that we live with right now will be the ones to blame for that event, as well. The lack of creativity and desire to explore anything outside their own damn houses -- not even their own yards -- will crush this species into nothing if we don't do anything about it.

Once upon a time, everyone wanted to be an astronaut. As a child, every person that has ever lived -- since we first put man into space and maybe even before -- has had, a least a moment, where he or she wanted to be the ultimate discoverer. An astronaut. A space explorer. But then they grow up. Hope disappears and things get in the way. Families, kids, religion, money, work, fear, ridicule. There isn't another thing in this world that's near to even being remotely as cool, but that drive still goes away.

    "Mars Tank SP" by Talros.

Self-Defense Forces or Strategic Military

The conversation that will never die. What sort of military capability will we need to take on the mobilization of humanity into the stars. There's absolutely no questioning the need. There will be a military presence in space. The issue is that it's usually drawn between peaceful scientists and military men. This inevitable contrast was best seen in the 2009 science-fiction film, Avatar. On humanity's side, you had division between those two groups of personnel on how to proceed with the utilization of a planet.

Today, we stand a little further back from that position. We stand at the issues of religion, science and environmentalism. Space exploration clashes with religious environmental groups. If you go to space, you're going against Christianity and God (or, somehow, Islam and Allah -- in the case of  this year's Mars Fatwa), and if you do it with today's crude technologies, you're hurting the environment. If you advocate for the use of natural resources like oil and gas, you will be ridiculed by hippies and green peace personnel who think our only hope is to ride out Earth like the dying horse it is.

Well, let me tell you something. Just like how you run a good business. You spend a little money to make a lot of money. It's called 'taking risk'. But, we'll get to that in a bit.

How would we structure the mandatory armed forces that we would need. It would be a Navy/Marine Corps dual set-up. Forget your normal thoughts of Army, like what you see from Russia and the United States. You need specialized troops that will take care of all of your warfare needs, no matter the environment. Sea, air, land, space. You've got your Marine Corps-types for land, sea and space ops. You've got your Navy for troop transport, heavy mechanical ship warfare and the air and space flight forces. They call these "expeditionary" forces. The perfect example of these forces are Marine Expeditionary Units or how the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command or Fleet Marine Force are set up, at a larger level.

But, should they be passive, like the Japanese Self-Defense Forces -- without the armament restrictions, or should they be active; as more than 90-percent of the world's militaries are now? I should be very clear, regardless of this decision, the military portion will need to be on par with the space program as far as how budgeting goes. At least, the same amount spent. Anyway, back to the question. Which one?

It really falls down to how broad of an offensive spectrum you want those boys to have a capability of. Aside from general base defense and patrols, what do you want them to do offensively? If a base or a convoy gets attacked (ground based scenario) then do you want them to repel or pursue and destroy? I would have to always vote for a strategic military element. If you simply have an SDF, you might be in trouble if you ever do need to pursue and destroy. In the end, the strategic military option may be the best choice. It may also come down to what composition you want in the units as far as manpower goes. I would dare say you don't want hired guns and mercenaries; but true-blue service-members.

Logistics - First Steps From 2014, Forward

    "Space Explorer" by tsonline.

From where we stand right now, it looks to me like we have to start all over again. Up to the point where we landed on the moon, walking the first man out there; the United States' endeavors with our space program slowly slid downhill. Ultimately, coming to a rest with the International Space Station; which was launched in 1998 -- merely sixteen-years ago when the Mir-2 and Freedom space stations were merged. You want the perfect example of the slide? There are people that don't know, still to this day, that there were six manned Moon landings and twelve men who stepped foot on the lunar surface. It wasn't only one flight and two walkers, or three if you are familiar with Alan Shepard. So, what happened? We completed a National Goal set forth by a president? And then the dream died?

What are our proudest achievements? I'm talking about the kids from the '80s and '90s. Something that, when you you look back on the events you've witnessed, you sit back and smile proudly at? I'm sorry, but I can't name one. I merely remember trial and tribulation, needless loss of life and a scarred mass of Americans... the events that have taken place in my time and are memorable are full of death... and despair. I remember 11 September, the Wars in the Middle East, political dogfights that made the civilian population hate each other all over again. I simply remember sadness and hate.

The only space event that sticks in my mind was the Challenger Disaster. I was too young to understand the extent of the events that took place. I wasn't interested in space, as I am today. So, it was a lot like any event I see on the news today, back then. But, looking back on it today... It saddens me. I look at it today, while saddening there was loss of life; it's equally saddening that nobody -- to this day -- thinks about the human partnership that sat in the seats of that mission. There was man and woman, black and white, American and Israeli and Indian... The flight crew of Challenger came from all walks of life but came together in that shuttle for one reason.

These words probably won't reach the depth for most people who ever read this. Very few, to be honest, will be able to read these words without -- at points -- grinning widely and -- at others -- shedding a few tears of sadness and even anger at the stories, ideas and reasonings. It's saddening because we let politics dictate human partnership, instead of hand-in-hand cooperation that we sometimes see between countries. I began writing this article -- of sorts -- after the start of the year and, since then, we've come to witness the perfect example of this poison.

Four-months later, we're walking out of the shadow of the Crimea Incident. This event has threatened to pull us back into the furloughed Cold War that we made, magically, disappear overnight after the fall of the Soviet Union at the end of 1991. It was as if the old enemy had disappeared and all could be well. Instead, it simply back-burnered the rivalry on a low boil and brought up quotes from old Soviet heads and scholars regarding economic tactics. With this, it has  brought about a severance between NASA and the RKA. A political counter-attack on the orders of higher ranking personnel in the U.S. Head Shed, no doubt. For the exception of ISS flights and related work, almost all other projects and contact with the Russians has been forbade by NASA based on political premises.

    “You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.”
        Captain Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut.

So, where do we go from here. There are many options, if we set aside all of the numerous roadblocks presented by various people, corporations and the United States. We could just slowly walk out into space. What I mean by that is, we could set up a manned base on the moon with or without a spaceport, man a mission to Mars and then slowly spread out to other outposts in the solar system -- whether they be on other moons or as space stations above those likely candidates.

The other option is to let loose with consecutive birdshot-stylized ventures all at once. Say, ten-years of three major missions a year with smaller missions all spread out in between. Manned and unmanned. Space stations, Lunar and Martian bases, science missions to Europa, Titan and Enceladus, refueling stations outside of the Gravity Well, asteroid and Lunar mining missions, etc etc. Ten-years with lots of missions and inevitable technological leaps forward into the night sky. Scientists and skeptics say that it will take hundreds of years before we obtain Faster-Than-Light technology. I say that's bull. It'll only take that long if we sit here like a five-year old fiddling with his wiener. A strongly backed ten-year push on technologies would bring us damn close to an FTL Drive, if not all the way to one. And, to those that say it isn't possible, I will retort. Neither should have been the manned Lunar landings... right?

The fact of the matter is this. We have a problem. Once upon a time, humanity used to run it's own destiny. We used to walk our own paths and let nobody tell us what to do. Now, we hold too much reliance on NASA to do something we could be doing ourselves. I've encountered too many people who've flat out told me: "Leave it to the professionals. NASA knows that they're doing and the government wouldn't let you do it anyway." I have a problem with that. Do you feel free, if that's the case? Seems like your lives are being pretty damned scripted and it sounds like it sucks. And, then, you hear the worst of it; "You're a fool to think you can do it alone."

While I would like to laugh in their faces and drop a certain someone's name on them, I don't. I don't call them fools for staying under the umbrella of belief that the government is the only group of people capable of moving mountains and coming up with miracles. One day, they'll remember that the government was built by the regular people, who did move those mountains and who came up with those miracles. We did that. So, if we did that, we are damn well capable of doing our own thing again. And they'll see that. Or they'll be left behind.

I've got a list of teams that would like to talk to those people about that "Restricted: LE/GOV'T Only" stamping that people are putting on space exploration. Leading the pack, mostly due to their specialty, is Elon Musk and  SpaceX. They are leading the way for the private sector to move forward, because they are a private sector rocket manufacturer that understands the dream. They are the go-to company for the other private sector companies, each have their own little niche in the space community.  Mars One, Planetary Resources, Deep Space Industries, Objective Europa (Manned mission to the Europa moon) and  100-Year Starship, who is headed up by NASA Astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison -- among other companies. Many people who possess a hefty degree of knowledge, regarding space travel and whatnot, know that we could have a lot of these things prior to 2020. They also know that politics is what's currently got us at this sluggish pace.

All of these companies (as well as the ones listed below) are hiring and/or soliciting help for their programs. They are also desiring personnel in the math/sciences/engineering fields, for those of you who are still in high school or early college and don't know where to go but want to get into space technologies. I want to get involved in some way, shape or form. I hope to see some of you all join me in that venture. It doesn't matter in what capacity; whether you want to be an explorer, a geologist, an astrobiologist, or if your entire motive is to make sure a human extinction doesn't happen. In whatever capacity, you are a pioneer and that's what matters.

I believe that without expansions in the field of sciences, there can be no advancement in technology; and we see this in many places around the world right now. I also find it highly amusing that so many people are worried about a large asteroid impact with Earth, but they don't redirect their lives to fixing it so that doesn't happen. Their fear is for the preservation of the human race, but they don't do anything to make sure of that. So, let's get back to the one thing that we all wanted to be as kids and move towards the stars. Pull out a telescope and find your own solar system... and, maybe one day soon, you'll be able to travel to see it in person.

Get with or get behind some of these projects. Every penny towards their program is a step forward towards the preservation of mankind and a push for discovery. Come up with your own designs and start your own project that you can pull people in on. Doubt no program out there, because even if that company doesn't make it anywhere, maybe they get bought up by a bigger company who can help. Go to college, get a degree in one of those fields, apply to one of these companies and see what you can do.

I'll tell you right now that there are so many more things I want to touch on. I want to delve more into mining missions, Lunar and Martian outposts, refueling stations, terraformation, generational ships, FTL travel, colonization and finding a perfect civilian option for a space-capable Blackhawk-like utility vehicle that can be bought from space-ship dealers. Unfortunately, I can't even think straight enough to put it all into one place at one time and deviantArt doesn't like hefty journals anymore. So, with that said, there will be more.

It's definitely an amazing time to be alive, ladies and gents. Let's take it to the stars.

"To The Stars", In The News & Cool Sites

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17. The Next Great Leap on Vimeo.
18. The 2014 NASA Robotic Mining Competition.
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23. Reaction Engines SKYLON Space Plane.
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25. NASA's SEV Concept Vehicle.
26.  NASA Giving Away It's Own Code: Guidebook.

Also, be sure to check out the featured Deviants in this journal entry. They have plenty more great artwork throughout various niches.

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Thank You For The Llama! ^^
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Arckanda Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there!! Thanks a lot for the :iconllama3dplz:
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GreenDayFanGirl15 Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you for the Llama!! Joker :la: 
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