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Voting Libertarian

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 17, 2014, 9:11 PM
I Have Neither The Time Nor The Inclination
To Explain Myself To A Man Who Rises And Sleeps
Under The Blanket Of The Very Freedom That I Provide
And Then Questions The Manner In Which I Provide It
---U.S. Marine Corps---

Vote Libertarian by jball430
USMC Supporter Stamp by KahunaSniper Stamp - US Flag by MauserGirl Don't Tread On Me Stamp by KahunaSniper
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"Invisible Souls ... Leave .308 Holes." - USMC

It's been awhile, hasn't it, my friends.

As many of you know, I've been away for a long while. The reason, for those that don't know why, is because I work freelance as an analyst in the defense and political sectors. I currently run a website that promotes knowledge about firearms, the laws and politics pertaining to them, in the United States. The website is called This Is The Line, though I usually just short-name it as The Line. I also work across Facebook and Twitter with two other politically-charged individuals under the INSOV Network. INSOV standing for Individual Sovereignty.

Midterms are past now, but they were extremely busy as far as covering it all went. Attention was paid to marijuana, gay, gun and abortion rights across senate, house and governorship votes in a number of states. There were releases of information regarding Fast & Furious - ATF scandal, hypocrisy by gun-control advocates and on and on. And, sadly, while rights were opened up for one of those topics, the door was shut on another. Why? Because the people of the United States don't properly understand the rights that are afforded to them upon birth and they don't understand that by voting for your one single supported platform (a right, perhaps), you're possibly infringing upon someone else's at the same time.

The other issue; a voting process colorfully referred to as "voting for the lesser evil". If you look at the voting history for the U.S. under presidential, senate and house elections, you'll notice (starting from a point of time going back) that there's a pendulum that swings back and forth between Democrat and Republican. Since Clinton took office, the American public has given each president eight-years to forgot about the issues with the opposite party, just in time to vote for that opposite party. For instance, in 2016 we'll likely see another Republican voted in regardless of the bemoaning Bush (the Revenge) received. And... in 2024, we'll likely see another Democrat voted in regardless of how alienated the Democratic Party and black demographic (I've heard too many black Americans say, quote: "I voted for him because he was black and no, I didn't look at his politics". Don't try to bullshit me by pulling the racism card.) has been, so far, by Obama.

This brings us to the "other voters". Those who are described as "voters who piss away their votes on a lost cause". Some might call me that. But, I'm tired of voting for the lesser evil. Which, is why I am a Libertarian. The party that, I feel, best addresses all individual rights and sovereignty claims while holding a more worthwhile national defense policy. Now, I said that when the people of the U.S. vote for Republican or Democrat, they are possibly infringing upon another person's right, when voting towards their own. I saw a nod to this from a photo which pointed out to the political "circle-of-nature", if you will.

The "other voters". What are we? If I may call the group I belong to that, we are the people who will vote for someone who stands by all of your rights. There's a saying, in a variety of different forms: "we want gay, married couples to be able to protect their marijuana grows with machine guns!" It's really true. I'm not here to just vote for gun rights. I'd be voting Republican 90-percent of the time, if I did that. I'm here to assist those who are gay to legally get married, repeal un-Constitutional gun laws, allow for un-restricted growth, legal and taxed marijuana, allow for women to receive abortions regardless of reason and so forth. And, nobody should have to compromise when voting, as we do now between Democrat and Republican.

In 2016, I will most likely vote for Gary Johnson. That's not to say I agree with every single one of his view-points. But, I'll take the other 90-percent towards getting the United States back on top of things and out of the whole we've dug ourselves into. The DNC doesn't approve of guns. The GOP doesn't approve of gays or pot. I will be voting for the LP in 2016 to support the U.S. and piss the two off!

I've not been here long, but I've seen the Republicans have at it and, then, the Democrats. It doesn't work and the groups are the exact same. That said, I don't believe there's an excuse to vote for the "lesser evil" anymore. I hope that you will do some research on the Libertarian Party and also vote for Gary Johnson come 2016. I believe that, after a win for the Libertarian Party, it will help the American people substantially and, later, the entire North American continent move forward with focus on paying attention to ourselves and our neighbors locally.

That said, y'all have a good one. Take it easy this holiday season.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
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Current Occupation: Defense / Political Analyst, Full-Time Student

Future Work: Weapons Designer / Manufacturer

Political Affiliation: Libertarian - Constitutionalist American

Favorite Places: Gold Coast, Australia

Interests: Reading, writing, and mostly outdoor activities. Particularly, those that end up with me eating fish or cute furry woodland creatures. I like tattoos, the Marine Corps and Israeli Defense Forces I love firearms and working with the politics that come with them.

My Girlfriend: BottledButterfly (formerly: Vampiric-Magick) - She's a helluva lass. I can't thank her enough for everything she's done for me, I'm glad to be able to call her one of my best friends. Be sure to check her art and poems out!

Lil' Squeak there is the love of my life. Don't mess with her. I won't tolerate it. And, this is something she shared awhile back and it is very nice. I'm going to pass it off to y'all. She calls it Endings Are Beginnings.

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